Why You Can’t Stick To Your Goals

With over 60 million memberships in Europe alone, it’s plain to see that the Health and Fitness industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world today. Fitness club revenues across Europe were over 26.5 billion in 2017, while the Irish fitness industry made around 230 million in membership receipts alone. So the gyms and fitness clubs are definitely benefiting from … Continue reading Why You Can’t Stick To Your Goals

#66days – Pain

Welcome to ‘Week 5 – Pain’ of #66days. So you’re moving into your 5th week of #66days and after your remotivation period last week, you’ve been introduced to weight training. How did you find the squat session? When I first started squatting, I found the whole movement very awkward and uncomfortable. Did you feel that too? Your form while squatting is very important, that’s why … Continue reading #66days – Pain

#66days – Remotivation

Welcome to ‘Week 4 – Remotivation’ of #66days. You’ve passed phase 1; Excitement & Determination, Regret and Anger & Jealousy. You are keeping up your healthy nutrition, you have introduced yourself to the gym environment and you’re starting to surround yourself with the right kind of motivation. I’m proud of you. And you should be too. During this week, you’ll find your energy levels are … Continue reading #66days – Remotivation

#66days – Anger & Jealousy

Welcome to ‘Week 3 – Anger & Jealousy’ of #66days! The first week was all about taking advantage of your ‘Excitement & Determination’ stage with preparation; mentally and nutritionally. The second week was all about dipping your toe into the gym scene and pushing that feeling of ‘Regret’ aside. Now the third week… ‘Anger & Jealousy’. Sticking with your fitness journey is not only about … Continue reading #66days – Anger & Jealousy