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#66days: Week 2 – Regret

So you’ve been through your ‘Excitement & Determination’ stage of #66days and you’ve swapped chocolate bars for blueberries and crisps for nuts. Even though you’ve passed the week, remember you need to keep at it. Consistency is key and nutrition is very important, more important than your gym sessions, so you need to get this part right; it also gives us the energy and positive … Continue reading #66days: Week 2 – Regret

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#66days: Week 1 – Excitement and Determination

START AS YOU MEAN TO GO ON Welcome to the first stage of #66days! As I said in the last post ‘Are you ready to reach your goals?’ I want to help people create long lasting habits, so over the next 10 stages I will be working with you to create and conquer little wins. Week 1. EXCITEMENT & DETERMINATION Well I can assume you are … Continue reading #66days: Week 1 – Excitement and Determination

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#66days: Are you ready to reach your goals?

There are many reasons why we decide one day that ‘enough is enough’. Whatever your reasons are, write them down and keep it close, because your fitness journey will test you, mentally and physically and you will need to remind yourself of why you started. You could be unhappy with your weight, feeling insecure or lacking in confidence. You might be feeling unhealthy, unfit, low … Continue reading #66days: Are you ready to reach your goals?

GI and You

Hey guys, I’m going to get you guy’s up to speed on carbs and the different effects they have on your body! Let’s start with GI Glycemic Index – Basically it’s the effect different carbs have on your blood sugar levels. Some carbs skyrocket blood sugar, others keep them balanced. So, these two smarty pants professors; David Jenkins and Tom Wolever, came up with the … Continue reading GI and You

H20 and You

H2O = 2 atoms Hydrogen + 1 atom Oxygen – Basically… water! I always tell people not to weigh themselves. It’s not only because muscle weighs heavier than fat. It’s also because water makes up approx 65-75% of the weight of your muscle and 10% of your fat mass. I bet your scales aren’t breaking that sh*t down for you! It’s all very misleading. So, … Continue reading H20 and You