#66days – Pain

Welcome to ‘Week 5 – Pain’ of #66days.

So you’re moving into your 5th week of #66days and after your remotivation period last week, you’ve been introduced to weight training.

How did you find the squat session?

When I first started squatting, I found the whole movement very awkward and uncomfortable. Did you feel that too?

Your form while squatting is very important, that’s why I mentioned for you to first squat without any weights so that you can get used to the movement and form.

If you’re feeling a little tight in the calf and hamstring muscles, add a block of wood under your heel (many gyms have this available so just ask). It relieves that tension so that you don’t start leaning forward over your toes.

This week you’re going to repeat your last session, one day squatting, the other day cardio, or if you’d prefer, do the both workouts in one gym session.

Remember to keep pushing yourself, if you feel you have energy still in you while running/rowing, then up the speed. If you feel you’re ready for a bit of weight while squatting, add the bar (but no plates.. the normal bar weighs about 20kg so it’s enough for now!)

You know your own body and you also know what your end goals are. So, you’re the only one who can push yourself to be the best you can be.

Let’s talk pain.

So you tried out your first squatting session. How did you feel after? The next day? The second? Third?

Normally when you’re new to a workout, your muscles can feel pretty painful during the few days after. This can make your usual daily movements feel like a struggle (like walking, sitting down on the loo… yup that’s the worst one!)

The thought of working out again soon, doesn’t seem possible! If I have a break from weight training and go back, I can feel that pain for over a week!

But it’s like a door. Leave a door in the same position for a long time and it will become creaky.

The more you move your joints after your workout, the quicker your muscles will recover. Don’t seize up!

If possible, head for a quick swim during the week, doesn’t have to be olympic style lengths, you don’t have to spend much time there. Swimming really helps to condition the muscles without putting strain on your joints.

If you’re not keen on swimming, then have a stroll through the park, taking long strides and even stop after to stretch out your muscles (always stretch after any workout, not before, your muscles need to be warmed up.. ever tried to pull a cold rubber band.. Well it doesn’t stay in tact that’s for sure!)

I am a big fan of stretching and what helps me with achieving flexibility are the resistance bands. They really help me to increase my stretch every time. Give it a go!

Another idea for working out soreness is the foam roller.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.09.25

I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty painful but it also really works! Put each leg on top of the roller, one at a time and using your weight roll your leg up and down it. It breaks up the scar tissue in the muscle and helps you heal faster. (Read an idea yesterday about rolling on a softer surface like a bed or sofa, it decreases the tension, try it out!)

Now, that’s the outside, but what about the inside?

During recovery, it’s important that you get enough protein into you.

Many people go for the protein supplements, such as protein bars and shakes. I do believe they are good for you in order to increase your protein intake for the purpose of recovery, but I also believe it’s better if you can get the extra protein in naturally.

Of course, we live in a world that’s moving pretty damn fast, so if you need to grab a bar or shake and go, then do it! But on the days you’re not working out, ditch the supplements, you don’t need them.

So, this week is about pain. You’ve felt it first hand and it won’t be the last time. But think of it this way, muscle soreness is your muscles building more muscle. It’s bringing tone and definition to your body. You’re growing more muscle to burn away fat faster.

Fight through the pain, work out the muscles, and fuel the body. You got this.

I hope this post helps you during your fifth week of your #66days. Any questions you have, get in touch.

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Keep an eye out next week for ‘Week 6 – Hunger & Temptation’ of #66days.


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