#66days – Hunger & Temptation

So, we’ve hit week 6 ‘Hunger & Temptation’ of #66days. You should be very proud of yourself, you’re 4 weeks away from creating a healthy habit.

A health and fitness journey can be very difficult mentally.

You would think that the only challenge you face is with your body, but your mind is the biggest challenge of them all.

Your mind has the power to either make you push yourself until you reach your goals or it has the power to stop you in your tracks.

Fight or flight.

Training your mind is a strong and positive skill to learn.

Because, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Mind over matter.

This week you would normally feel ‘hunger & temptation’ but you’re not going to.

That hunger is not starvation. That hunger is your body digesting through the good food faster and faster and taking from it all the healthy nutrients.

That hunger is not a cry out for sugary snacks or oversized takeaway meals.

Temptation creeps in only if you allow it to.

The people close to me will tell you; every time I want something bad or I am standing in the shop about to buy something I know won’t do my body any good, I stand there, and stand there, debating the idea of eating it. Asking anyone who will listen ”Should I get it or not?” “I shouldn’t, should I?” “Do you think I should get it?”

It’s a fight I have with myself.

My present self is craving it. My future self is despising it.

I read that eating chocolate releases mild endorphins into your brain (the chemical that makes you happy), but as quickly as it arrives, it disappears and that’s when the guilt comes in.

You know what else gives you endorphins.. And a hell of a lot more of it.. Exercising.

“I regret that workout” – Said no one, ever

I am not saying that slips up means gameover. As I have said before. Slip ups happen. And feeling sorry for ourselves after is no good for us mentally.

So if you do slip up, pick yourself back up and move on. Don’t dwell. Keep going.

But each time you’re faced with a choice. Lay out the pros and cons before and go for what’s best for you, in the long term. Each time you do it, the better you will get at choosing the healthier choice.

A healthy lifestyle is long term.

It’s something you will teach yourself to do.

It is something only you can achieve for yourself.

“Failing is the key to success” – Each time I slip up, that feeling after gives me a stronger reason to choose differently next time.

I want my body to run at its best. I want to know that I am not failing it. As it works hard everyday not to fail me.

This week I want you to concentrate on the same training session as the last two weeks; cardio and squats. This will be the last week like it.

Next week we will be changing up your workout programme to include deadlift which means you will be upping your workouts to two days per week, two weight training sessions and two cardio sessions.

Make sure you are fueling your body a couple of hours before your workout and refueling after. It’s important for muscle growth and fat burning.

Keep working towards a positive change. For you.

I hope this post helps you during your sixth week of your #66days. Any questions you have, get in touch.

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Keep an eye out next week for ‘Week 7 – Bargaining’ of #66days.


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