#66days – Anger & Jealousy

Welcome to ‘Week 3 – Anger & Jealousy’ of #66days!

The first week was all about taking advantage of your ‘Excitement & Determination stage with preparation; mentally and nutritionally.

The second week was all about dipping your toe into the gym scene and pushing that feeling of ‘Regret’ aside.

Now the third week… ‘Anger & Jealousy’.

Sticking with your fitness journey is not only about consistency, it’s also about staying motivated.

One of the ways I like to stay motivated is to surround myself with like minded people. There is so much inspiration on social media and inside the gym itself.


Sometimes, it works against you. Seeing all those beautifully shaped bodies in lovely fitting workout gear, juicy bums sticking out and iron board bellies on display can have a slight backfiring action.

It’s hard to not look at those pictures on social media and feel a twang of anger & jealousy.

Even in the gym when you’re feeling insecure enough, you have these gym bunnies looking all ripped and confident.

As I have mentioned before, it’s all about perspective.

Gym bunnies had to get to where they are through determination and consistency, just like you and I. Everyone has to start somewhere. And the good news is you’ve already started!

Everything is possible with hard work and passion. You have to want it. Need it. You have to push through.

Now as I said, social media is a great way to get motivated to keep going, but it depends what type you’re following. You will come across people with gorgeous bodies and gorgeous lives, just living gorgeously 🙂 But you also need to know that what we see on social media is not always reality.

So, what I mean by getting inspiration from social media is not those kind of posts.

Follow the average joe on their own journey. Follow recipe ideas and workout ideas, but make them your own. Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t overwhelm yourself, you’ll get there.

Think long-term. Do this for your future self.

During week 3, I want to you to keep focusing on your nutrition (most importantly), be aware what you are putting in your body, think about the effects it will have on your energy levels, your metabolism, your goals.

I am assuming and really do hope you have made it to the gym once this week and gave yourself a tough cardio workout session. I want you to repeat it again this week; pick a day, a time and get yourself to the gym.

Push yourself even more this time and enjoy it – you’re doing this for you. Remember ‘enough is enough

I hope this post helps you during your third week of your #66days. Any questions you have, get in touch.

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Keep an eye out next week for Week 4. Remotivation of #66days where we will be introducing weight training to your gym session.


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